May 26, 2023   | SNAK Consultancy

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Salesforce Cost Price Quotation (CPQ)

Salesforce Cost Price Quotation (CPQ)

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a powerful tool that helps organizations automate and streamline the sales process. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of using Salesforce CPQ, the features it offers, and some best practices for successful implementation

Benefits of Salesforce CPQ:

Streamlined sales process: Salesforce CPQ automates the sales process by generating quotes, proposals, and contracts quickly and accurately.

Increased productivity: By automating the sales process, sales teams can focus on selling and engaging with customers rather than managing administrative tasks.

Improved accuracy: Salesforce CPQ ensures that all quotes and proposals are accurate and consistent, reducing errors and the need for manual review.

Customization options: Salesforce CPQ allows for customization of products, pricing, and configurations, providing customers with tailored options and improving the customer experience.

Features of Salesforce CPQ:

Product catalog: Salesforce CPQ provides a centralized product catalog that can be customized to fit your business needs.

Quote generation: Salesforce CPQ generates quotes and proposals quickly and accurately, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Pricing and discounting: Salesforce CPQ enables businesses to set pricing and discounting rules based on customer type, product, and other criteria.

Configuration options: Salesforce CPQ allows businesses to configure products and pricing to meet specific customer needs.

Best practices for Salesforce CPQ:

Plan ahead: Before implementing Salesforce CPQ, identify your business needs and goals, and plan how the tool will be used in your organization.

Collaborate with stakeholders: Involve stakeholders from different departments, including sales, marketing, and finance, to ensure that Salesforce CPQ meets everyone's needs.

Set up a sandbox environment: Create a sandbox environment to test Salesforce CPQ before deploying it to your production environment.

Train your team: Provide training to your sales and customer service teams to ensure that they can use Salesforce CPQ effectively.


Ques.1) How much does Salesforce CPQ cost?

Ans. The pricing for Salesforce CPQ starts at $75.0 per user per month. Salesforce CPQ has 2 different plans: CPQ at $75.00 per user per month. CPQ Plus at $150.00 per user per month

Ques.2) Is Salesforce CPQ worth it?

Ans. Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification is a great way to improve your career prospects and earning potential and build your professional network.

Ques.3) What is CPQ customer price quote?

Ans. CPQ stands for “Configure, Price, Quote”. It's the process through which businesses sell customizable products. Software has made this process faster and more reliable, and “CPQ” has become an acronym as more businesses offer customized offerings.

Ques.4) What is the difference between price rule and product rule CPQ?

Ans. Thus, on a very high level, bear in mind that Product Rules make sure that users put together the right products and bundles (they validate, alert, select, and filter), while the Price Rules automate price calculations and update quote and quote line fields (they send values to the target fields).


Salesforce CPQ is a powerful tool that can streamline the sales process, increase productivity, and improve accuracy. With its features such as a product catalog, quote generation, pricing and discounting, and configuration options, Salesforce CPQ can provide a customized solution to meet the unique needs of your business. By planning ahead, collaborating with stakeholders, setting up a sandbox environment, and providing training, you can successfully implement Salesforce CPQ and improve your sales process.

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