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The agriculture industry contributes significantly to the GDP and employs the majority of India's population. India is currently the world's largest agricultural producer by revenue, thus offering tremendous opportunities in the sector. In the last few decades, several transformations have taken place in the industry.

Today, the increasing consumer demand for organic food with high nutritional content is on-demand. You can grow your business with SNAK's solutions to increase profitability and yield large harvests. By using satellite imagery, weather data, and agricultural equipment data, you can gain insights into growing crops per hectare. Regenerate agriculture with intelligent IT solutions and improve the quality and quantity of agriculture.



Automation is the third-largest industry in the world. Every year, the industry is growing at an unprecedented rate due to the rise in middle-class income. Another reason can be the desire of young people to own vehicles as it is convenient to travel. However, the main challenges are self-driving, shift from ownership, sustainability and more

SNAK will transform your automobiles' DNA through a customer-centric approach. The future car is autonomous and connected - as it will run on electricity, is more accessible as you will no longer need a driving licence, and very affordable. We also offer advice on integrated hybrid cloud solutions to diagnose vehicle issues, prevent recalls, and improve vehicle safety.


Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Finance services are the backbones of any economy. They keep the flow of money in an economy and provide financial support to the underprivileged. Today, the industry is focused heavily on digitisation, new technologies for smooth operations, and constant pressure to deliver superior customer experiences

We will focus on three facets of your business and finance services at SNAK: Customer-focused enterprise, maximising enterprise risk management and driving innovation while managing costs. With our solutions, banks evolve quickly to invest in digital channels and online banking. We will also help you accelerate your projects’ speed by providing quality solutions, improving cash flow, and enhancing your business results.


Consumer Goods

From food, clothes, accessories to electrical appliances, everything is a part of consumer goods. Broadly, they are divided into three main categories - durable goods, non-durable goods and services. The industry faces some challenges, including faulty products, delivery issues, and misleading pricing.

Today, modern customers are driven by a sense of value that includes more than just price. This changing landscape means more opportunities to create brand loyalty. With SNAK, you can customise your customers’ experience so that they enter your sales funnel and buy your products. Reimagine interactions with your customers, improve your operations, accelerate your supply chain and invest in post-sale customer service. The future is here!



In the past, government offices were outdated, everything was done manually, and it did not support digitalisation, often disappointing the tech-savvy generation. Although, with time, the Government has also understood the importance of digital transformation and is making efforts to achieve it

We at SNAK are trying to fuel this process with our IT solutions. Currently, customers rely on institutions that provide them with a smooth experience. Unfortunately, Government offices were lacking here. But now, these offices have sped up the process and are ready for the transition. Now their decisions are driven by data and analytics to deliver products and services that people want. Now is the time to implement management systems that can help you drive results



Healthcare has become India’s most significant sector both in terms of revenue and employment. The main reason for its growth is that both public and private players are growing. Also, it is one of the few sectors that have adopted digitalisation and the latest technology at its earlier stages. Other healthcare sectors include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, equipment, distribution, facilities, and managed health care.

Avail open, secure and enterprise-grade environment to support the workload of the healthcare industry with SNAK solutions. Professional and experienced consultants will improve the efficiency, resilience and performance of your sector. We will boost your research, increase your system uptime, and help you meet compliance standards.



Globally, technological advances are defining the business and economic landscape, affecting Hi-Tech organisations of all sizes. Customers are the top priority, which requires a modernised network, flexible architecture, and new business models. Every organisation today faces complex issues such as complex supply chains, intense competition, and the need to stay competitive.

Helping Hi-Tech companies create and execute business strategies seamlessly is what we do. Take advantage of insights to listen to customers, identify their wants, and deliver products and services they want. With a digital front office, you can enhance go-to-market capabilities and support accordingly. To achieve goals, our Hi-Tech consultancies are dedicated to removing obstacles and offering guidance



There are different players in the insurance industry, like accident and health insurers, property and casualty insurers and financial guarantors. Automobile, health, homeowners, and life insurance policies are the most common types. For a long time, insurers competed on price rather than providing customers with the best values. But, today, industries are focused on meeting the bar of customer expectations and accelerating digital transformation.

Insurance companies need to meet the new capabilities of technology to empower speed and scale to their business. To meet these challenges, you need to modernise the heritage of workload with integrated cloud solutions. SNAK can provide you with all these solutions through open-cloud architecture, AI-based automation and third-party plug-ins to revolutionise your business.



Manufacturing is among the fastest-growing industries in the world. The sector focuses on casting, moulding, machining, joining, shearing and forming to manufacture goods for different industries. It is imperative to use cost-effective digital manufacturing solutions to run smooth supply chain operations and produce high-quality products

Automate with SNAK's integrated approach using artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud, and automation. Also, use real-time industrial data to make your decisions regarding supply chain and other operations to build smart factories. This will help you to achieve better productivity, performance, reliability, transparency, and sustainability. Keep your top-performing operations running smoothly and meet the evolving needs of your customers.

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