Salesforce Solutions

Our Expertise

We understand that business intelligence is derived from your company's applications, which are the backbone of your organization. They power your operations and provide a seamless user experience for your partners and customers. Many businesses like you have one common goal, to improve their business efficiency by overcoming day-to-day business problems. And that's what SNAK Consultancy does - we help you with successful Salesforce Implementation. To get maximum returns, you should entrust all your IT solutions to a reputable and trustworthy IT service provider company like SNAK. We have been working with several mid-size and large-scale companies, and some of the most compelling reasons why most of our clients rely on us and why you should too choose SNAK as your Enterprise IT Solution provider are:

Salesforce Consulting

Our experts will evaluate the processes and tools that can help your team utilize the full potential


Salesforce Development

Increase investment returns and maximize your profitability using our Salesforce Development Services.


Salesforce Implementation

Our experts will analise design and develop the Salseforce product solutions to meet your business objectives and then deliver the tailored applications.


Salesforce Integration

Extend the Salesforce services after integration with third party applications.


Salesforce Data Migration

Our Data Migration experts provide solutions to migrate the data very efficiently without any data loss.


Salesforce AppExchange

Our Salesforce solutions design develop and deliver at AppExchange apps that meet your business requirements effectively.