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SNAK provides the most accessible ERP extended applications for Small and Mid-Size enterprises of all levels. With multiple years of experience, we have earned a firm foot in serving ERP comprehensive apps for industries like manufacturing, mining, Logistics & Supply Chain, Retail, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, etc. Our Custom Extended ERP Solution is one of the most trusted, highly appreciated, and widely used solutions worldwide. SNAK helps you manage your operations efficiently, thanks to the easy-to-use interface we develop for you. These extended applications can be integrated with the latest and modern ERP solutions like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamic, ERPNext, and more for better execution. Not just that, you can customize and sync data in real-time or in batch jobs as per your customer's demands.
  • Cloud-based solutions: Keep track of your ERP extended application from any location on the globe by having managed everything on the cloud.
  • Highly secure network: Get access to a secure network and never worry about cyber attacks and losing valuable information.
  • User-friendly design structure: We develop a user-friendly design structure for your business so that you don't have to rely on any technical experts.
  • REST API for ERP Integration: The solution comes with REST API to integrate with most renovated ERP solutions and sync data in real-time or batch mode.
  • Available in Mobile Apps: Keep track of all your operations no matter where you are and access everything with your mobile phone.
  • Save ERP users license costs- Save you money and use them on other vital projects as you save big on ERP license fees.
PR and PO Workflow Portal

PR and PO Workflow Portal

Every ERP system requires multiple people for everything, depending upon someone to coordinate to approve purchase requests, make purchase orders, and schedule agreements on time. Additionally, clients must take out additional ERP user licenses, where the actual roles are to be seen on request, and a decision must be made. Now, you can save yourself from all the tedious tasks as we have a very flexible solution for you. We help you create these requests and sync data back to the ERP system without manual efforts. Following are key features in this solution:

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Vendor Management Portal

Any organization's business partners are vital to its success. You need to manage your partner's processes in your ERP system at times. These include many complex operations such as onboarding, managing their contracts and agreements, renewal reminders, partners' documentation, quotes, and other data related to business transactions. In addition, organisations sometimes need to purchase additional users' licenses to grant their vendors access to their ERP system. Our flexible solution will help you manage the problems of your business partners with ease. Some of the key features of our ERP solutions given are:

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Vendor Management

Material Data Management Portal

Consolidating and centrally governing the master data is essential to improve your organization's information quality and consistency. Provide a single, trusted view of your business by integrating material data across your organization and managing it centrally. SNAK solutions provide the following key features:

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