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SNAK Consulting Services is all about helping you deliver on the goals and outcomes you set for your organization. Whether you're pursuing a full-scale business transformation strategy, tackling compliance issues, or implementing a departmental IT solution, SNAK can provide the expertise and resources and offer the flexibility you need to be successful. But we don't stop there. SNAK is committed to helping you build, manage, and mature your own organization's IT Processes, project, and performance management skills. Our Capability aligns with and supports vital quality initiatives, helping you improve, codify, and operationalize critical processes across your organization. And at every step, we'll pass along the knowledge, techniques, and performance measurement programs you need to maintain program management excellence.
Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the concept of eliciting and documenting users’ business requirements such as customers, employees, and vendors early in the development cycle and guiding them to design future systems. Our engagements cover:

  • Business context, scope, and background, including reasons for the change
  • Key business stakeholders that have requirements
  • Business process models and analysis, depictions of ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be business processes
  • Logical data model and data dictionary references
  • Mock-ups, workflow depictions & wireframes to illustrate how data flows through the information systems

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IT Process Consulting

IT process consulting is the process of shaping and streamlining the IT processes of an organization to make it capable enough of meeting day-to-day IT challenges. These include IT enabling services ranging from strategizing an IT framework to IT process implementation, risk analysis, security compliance consulting, and change management. Meet your business objective with organized IT solutions from SNAK India.

  • Strategic business initiative to align all your IT processes
  • Reduce system downtime and develop unbreakable management systems and processes
  • Save time and cost based on regulatory and compliance changes
  • Keep your system up to date with the latest market standards
  • Reduce risk to your application management by identifying Unsupported technologies

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IT Process-Consulting
Solution Consulting

IT Solution Consulting

Get a quick return on your investment and the best ROI by synchronizing your IT environment so that all your business parts work together and efficiently. Combining tools and standards, industry insight with our organizational knowledge, and proven IT methodologies, we:

  • Architect systems and solutions for flexibility and scalability.
  • Increase operational efficiency and performance
  • Orchestrate complex systems and business rules.
  • Adopt DevOps

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Project Management Office

The common purpose of PMOs is often for planning, monitoring, controlling, and reporting. Strategic implementation of PMOs helps tackle risk management, strategic implementation planning, and integration. SNAK created Project Management Office consultancy services to provide flexibility and rigor to confront today’s business challenges. Our PMOs are highly versatile and designed to achieve your organization’s objectives – whether the objectives are to implement single complex programs or to provide management support to an intense environment.

  • Essential – These are designed for monitoring, controlling, and reporting.
  • Advanced – These capabilities seek to maximize planning, governing, and risk management.
  • Strategic – Link short-term business objectives with long-term goals with these capabilities

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Project-Management Office

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