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About the Client:

A subsidiary of one of Japan's largest automotive manufacturers, our customer is the largest manufacturer in India of 2-Wheeler vehicles. The client is known for the consistently reliable performance of their high-powered motorcycles that run well for years to come. As a result, their innovative and technologically advanced vehicles inspire other manufacturers to incorporate our client’s design and technology into their own high-performance motorcycles.


The following challenges faced the company in managing physical files prior to digital transformation:

  • Each inspection card was manually punched in the Document Management System (DMS).
  • After scanning the vehicle check sheet cards, they were stored in physical files and on a network drive
  • Managing 2000 cards a day was becoming more difficult because of the manual effort required
  • A comparison of the DMS and gate entry system records revealed inaccurate information.
  • Data is manually entered into DMS from check sheet cards
  • Delayed notification regarding quality check based on data in feeds
  • The DMS system was experiencing poor performance due to heavy data loads

The Objectives – Digital Transformation Process:

Challenges influenced the primary goal for the digital transformation of the client:

  • Transform vehicle check sheet cards into a digital format at regular intervals
  • Allow OCR to extract card information and store it in the system together with the check sheet cards
  • Integrate the DMS system with the gate entry system to compare data in one go
  • The management team receives auto-email notifications with a comparison of both systems' data
  • Configure yearly based databases to save data during runtime automatically
  • Integrate all yearly databases in DMS and visualize data in one application for improved decision making and performance
  • Permission-based access control in the portal

SNAK – From Evolution to Implementation:

SNAK Team followed the below steps for digital transformation:

  • After the cards are scanned, place them all in one shared folder repository
  • Once the buyer has decided on a price, he selects the quote and generates a purchase order for the seller.
  • Create an OCR job that reads the files and extracts data from PDF format-based cards, stores the data with version control, and attaches the card or records to the system.
  • Store this data in the yearly based database
  • Develop a DMS that will organize and display the cards year-by-year
  • Data can be searched based on the model, VIN, dates, among other categories.
  • Integrate gate entry system and DMS to present data comparisons in a portal report
  • Respective teams can access the report summary via email notification
  • Configure database information in the portal and have the system generate a new database at runtime as soon as database access is enabled in the portal
  • Setting admin, semi-admin, and end-user roles and permissions are now possible
  • Migration of 2 million legacy records from the old system to the new system without any data loss.

Platforms/Technology used:

  • Java, Spring Boot, Microservices
  • Batch job on Spring boot
  • MS SQL Server
  • HTML5 with responsive designs
  • OCR Google Tesseract library


After implementing the solution by SNAK Team, these were the advantages gained by the client:

  • Automate the card data extraction process
  • A central document storage system for all vehicle check sheet cards
  • Excellent system performance improvement thanks to multiple databases used to store data for improved user experience
  • Online reports to show data to management in a variety of formats
  • Being aware of crucial data information points in real-time

Results/ Matrices:

  • More than 90% manual effort reduction
  • IT admins now spend less time manually managing databases
  • Provided an excellent UI experience in record searching and application performance
  • Reduced dependency on hefty licensed software costs to manage these documents in the system

We did a great job as a team! We were able to revamp the client’s manual operations implementation completely, proving to be highly successful.

- SNAK Consultancy

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