Agriculture | Online Harvest Trading in Between Sellers and Buyers


About the Client:

We worked with a start-up company in India that buys and sells crops online through an auction process involving buyers (traders or commission agents), farmers, and shopkeepers


The company faced the following challenges while establishing manual communication between farmers and traders before digital transformation:

  • Due to a lack of trader participation in buying crops, farmers were forced to reduce crop prices
  • Traders were not getting quality products
  • There were missing documents and contracts between farmers and traders
  • It was not possible to track the delivery of crops to the trader's storage facility
  • There was a delay in payments after crops were purchased

The Objectives – Digital Transformation Process:

Based on challenges, the client's primary goal for digital transformation consisted of:

  • A platform for online auctions allowing traders and farmers to buy and sell crops online at competitive prices
  • Facilitate online order generation between farmers and traders
  • Monitor the delivery of crops and provide a status report
  • Use the online payment system for quick and transparent payments

SNAK – From Evolution to Implementation:

For digital transformation, SNAK Team implemented the following actions:

  • Build an online mobile auction platform where Buyers will initiate their request and farmers (sellers) will place the quotes.
  • Once the buyer has decided on a price, he selects the quote and generates a purchase order for the seller.
  • The seller delivers the crop to the buyer's storage facility
  • Buyers can keep track of deliveries online
  • After receiving the crops, the buyer makes payment online to the seller
  • Payments are sent to the seller's bank account online

Platforms/Technology used:

  • React JS
  • Node JS
  • React Native
  • HTML5 and CSS
  • Java Script
  • Reporting


Clients gained these advantages after implementing the solutions offered by SNAK Team:

  • Facilitate online registration of sellers and buyers to meet KYC requirements
  • An online request can be initiated from anywhere in India, allowing sellers to reach a wider audience
  • Quotes from any part of India can be received online
  • Accept competitive prices as deemed necessary by buyers
  • Keeping track of the delivery at each step
  • Online payments allow the seller to receive funds immediately

Results/ Matrices:

This is a start-up initiative expanding quickly in multiple cities across India with much-awaited digital transformation.

Teamwork was key to the success of this project! Our implementation proved extremely successful, and we revolutionized the client's operations.

- SNAK Consultancy

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