Comparison Between ReactJS vs AngularJS

ReactJS vs AngularJS

React vs Angular JS has always been a popular topic as there are a plenty of JavaScript languages, with so many frameworks available for server-side and client-side rendering, choosing the right framework who are worth using for a new project is a difficult decision. Angular and React are quite popular these days and picking up a wrong framework affects project’s resilience and ability to meet deadlines.

So, how are we supposed to decide? We have to understand how they work and what they have to offer, to choose only the ones the best fir our functional requirements in a much more efficient way and faster delivery of the project. Let’s take a deep dive comparing these 2 JavaScript and help you in selecting the best JavaScript web development on the basis of various factors.

What is AngularJS and Why it is Popular?

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript development framework used to create web applications and uses a component-based architecture. It is probably one of the most popular Modern day web frameworks available today and has the largest developer community globally. AngularJS solves the majority the issues associated with single page application by extending the HTML language functionalities exploitation directives.

Key features of AngularJS
  • In the traditional sense, AngularJS does not implement MVC but rather something closer to MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). This pattern is predicated on rending the business logic layer, the data layer, and presentation layer into separate sections. The division into completely different sections is finished in order that everyone can be managed a lot of simply.
  • AngularJS is opinionated on how a CRUD application should be developed. That means there is definitely an “Angular” way of building a web project, and also you don't need to write special code to bind data to the HTML controls. This can be done by Angular by simply adding a number of snippets of code.
  • In Angular, you'll be surprised with the lesser quantity of code you wish to jot down for DOM manipulation.
Key features of React
  • There are so many MVC based JavaScript frameworks which are doing a good job in terms performance and reliability. Why is ReactJS has become so popular? Why developers prefer using ReactJS instead of any other MVC based JavaScript framework.
  • ReactJS is a JavaScript library used for creating attractive and reusable user interface components. Developers can easily create reusable user interfaces by breaking these into components instead of using HTML with the help of ReactJS.
  • The official features of ReactJS are mentioned on its website which says that developers can build new mobile apps in JavaScript using ReactJS library.

Pros of AngularJS

Here are the pros of using AngularJS:

  • Angular provides two way binding, which means that your DOM would be updated in real time, In react you need to manage DOM using state variable.
  • Angular is full fledged framework unlike React which is a library.

Cons of Angular

Here are the cons of using Angular:

  • The key limitations of Angular.js are clear manual and extensive documentation, steep learning curve and complication.
  • AngularJS has a substantial framework size. The introduction of Angular Universal and pre-rendering selection in ng2 this problem was addressed–another reason for growing popularity of AngularJS.

Pros of React

Here are the pros of using React:

  • The prime advantage of React is that it comes with a high level of flexibility and responsiveness and endorses development of machine-readable programs and delivers ability to compound components in a single compile-time tested file.
  • Developers who have the knowledge about coding in HTML can easily learn ReactJS syntax It is one of the point that makes ReactJS ahead of all.

Cons of React

Here are the cons of using React:

  • The biggest con of ReactJS is lack of proper documentation.
  • To talk about the learnability scale with respect to ReactJS, developers take time to understand the environment of ReactJS

Comparison chart between two popular JavaScript in the table below:

Technology React AngularJS
Purpose Setting up adequate processes, introducing the standards of quality to prevent the errors and flaws in an application Assuring the application corresponds to the requirement and specs before it is launched
Author Facebook Google
Type Open source JS Library JavaScript framework
Data binding Uni- way data bindingM Bi -data binding
Language JavaScript + JSX JavaScript + HTML
Suits best Best for SPAs that update single view at a time Best for SPAs that update many views at a time
Dependencies Requires additional tools to manage dependencies Manages dependencies automatically

Final Note…

In a nutshell, Whether you choose to work on ReactJS or VueJS, both the frameworks have a little difference between them and the final decision is highly based on the requirements of your project. Both the technologies are prevailing and adaptable, at the end of the day, it depends upon custom app objectives.

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