Comparison Between Solr and Cassandra Database

Solr and Cassandra

If you are Searching for a Question as which database is best: Solr or Cassandra, then this article is the great starting point for you.

This blog will explain you the core difference between Solr vs Cassandra database and when to choose which database for your project.

The Apache Cassandra database is the correct decision when you require versatility and high accessibility without compromising performance. Apache Cassandra is a free and open source, NoSQL database management system who handles large amount of data across many commodity servers, Cassandra offers vigorous support for clusters traversing multiple datacenters, with offbeat master less replication permitting low inactivity activities for all customers. It was initially released by Facebook as an open source project on Google code. And later in the very next year, it became an Apache Incubator project.

Cassandra has become Apache’s one of the most popular projects. And why not? With the unique capacity to deliver near real-time performance, Cassandra makes lives of Web Developers, Software Engineers and Data Analysts far easier than it was in the company of traditional RDBMS. The wonders Cassandra is creating in the Big Data industry is phenomenal!

Main Features of Apache Cassandra:

Peer to Peer Architecture

Cassandra follows a peer-to-peer architecture, instead of master-slave architecture. As all the machines are at equal level, any server can entertain request from any client, Undoubtedly, with its robust architecture and exceptional characteristics, Cassandra has raised the bar far above than other databases.

Elastic Scalability

Read and write throughput both increase linearly as new machines are added, with no downtime or interruption to applications.

High Performance

Cassandra has proven itself capable of delivering near real-time performance to support interactive, Web-based applications at scale. It does this through a combination of its ability to store and access data in columns, its ability to perform extremely fast inserts, its use of distributed counters, and its ability to take advantage of solid-state drives.

Optimal Case for using Apache Cassandra

When you are looking to built very heavy, distributed and highly scalable system and you might want as well to have quite responsive reporting system on top of that stored data, then Cassandra is your answer.

Integration with Hadoop

One interesting fact about Cassandra is that you can integrate it with Hadoop and Solr also which means you can easily build data intensive apps. Let understand through this example:

Build a system to ingest live application log data from hundreds of servers and make them searchable in near real-time through the web. This system must also generate Monthly, weekly KPI reports for the applications.

The components on the left and right look similar but the one on the left requires managing three separate distributed systems as well as managing the ETL between them. DSE, on the right, simplifies this setup by having one system that provides the same technology stack as the left but with much simpler operations and no custom ETL.

Apache Solr

Solr is the popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene. Solr is exceptionally reliable, adaptable and fault tolerant, giving dispersed ordering, replication and load-balanced questioning, automated failover and recovery, centralized configuration and more. Solr powers the search and navigation highlights of a significant number of the world's biggest internet sites.

Major Features of Apache Solr :

  • Advanced Full-text search capabilities : It contains powerful matching capabilities like phrases, joins and grouping.
  • Optimize for high volume traffic.
  • Comprehensive administrative Interfaces : Solr built in with administrative user interfaces to make it easy to control Solr instances.
  • Built on the battle-tested Apache Zookeeper, Solr makes it easy to scale up and down. Solr bakes in replication, distribution, rebalancing and fault tolerance out of the box.
  • Solr publishes many well-defined extension points that make it easy to plugin both index and query time plugins.

Advantages of having Apache Solr for your projects:

  • Performance improvements: Solr is written in Java, hence text comparison is much faster as solr is specifically written for indexing, result comparison, and full-text searching.
  • Scalability: Solr can be set up on a different server from Apache/MySQL installations and queried against remotely as it uses REST interface. This allows search capabilities to scale independently from web/database servers.
  • Faceting: Faceting is the ability to categorize content using a variety of different properties. On e-commerce store, it restricts results to a given manufacturer, price range, etc. This is particularly useful for content that has a lot of metadata associated with it (lots of taxonomy terms or fields for example).

Brief Comparison Between Cassandra and Solr

Name Cassandra Solr
Initial Release 2008 2004
License Open Source Open Source
Develoepr Apache Software Apache Software
Primary Database Model Wide Column Store Search Engine
Implementation Language Java Java
Server Operating Systems BSD, Linux, Windows, OS X All OS with a Java VM
Server Side Scripts No Java Plugins
Data-Schema Schema Free Yes
Supporting Programming Language C#, C++, Clojure, Erlang, Go, java, javascript, PHP, python, Ruby .NET, Erlang, Java, JS, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby
XML Support No No

Conclusion :

Whether you choose to work on Apache Cassandra or Apache Solr, both the databases have a little difference between them and the final decision is highly based on the requirements of your project. But if you ask me then I’d say that A right selection of database can take your business to new heights of success. However, these two Database mentioned above are used worldwide, advanced and high performing. Depending on your business requirements and you can choose any database which suits you.

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