May 26, 2023   | SNAK Consultancy

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How Big Data Can Revolutionize Digital Transformation?

Big Data

Ever since the explosion of the Internet rocked the world, advancement in communication and information technology has further strengthen the role of the internet in business. The Internet has truly revolutionized how business is conducted and this is the world have been looking forward to integrating their business into online platforms to cater to the ever-increasing audience. Digital transformation helps companies embrace a culture of change and remain competitive in a global environment.

The means different things to different people. Big Data technology plays a vital role in improving overall customer experience and rendering advanced business operations. Big data come along with new age technologies that drive competitive advantage and improve the performance by allowing enterprises to provide a quick reply to the key business questions and address challenges confronted.

Today, those professionals who have the skills to design and train predictive analytic apps for the recommendation, classification, and personalization systems by harnessing machine learning, are highly in demand. The integration of big data with traditional business analytics helps in creating a data ecosystem that allow businesses to get new insights.

Let’s take a walk through few use cases where Big Data Analytics implementation has bought an unprecedented transformation.

Prediction Analysis and Business Optimization

The reason behind the implementation of future strategies and immediate changes in the global businesses today is the power of predictive analytics and advanced data science. Predictive analytics provides companies estimates about the likelihood of a future outcome and actionable insights based on data. Companies use Predictive statistics and analytics anytime they want to appear into the long run.

One common application most people are familiar with is the use of predictive analytics to to supply a credit score. These scores are used by financial services to determine the probability of customers making future credit payments on time.

Big Data means better business

With the power of predictive analytics and advanced data science, data is an enabler of future strategies and immediate change. The most significant feature of big data is that organisations can answer questions in seconds rather than days, and in days rather than months.

Big Data helps to achieve better, fact-based decision-making and improve the overall customer experience. Breaking down organizational boundaries and making higher integration between the IT and business departments could be an important tread the road to undefeated transformation.

Better insight means better strategy

Currently, Data is pouring everywhere. Whether it’s social media, smartphones, sensors, much more. Analysis of these data can give the insights of individual habits and activities. Furthermore, multiple departments store such kind of data but individual department do not know the facts of others. Big data analysis can provide the deeper insight from different data sources in a unique way that is more helpful in defining the strategy overall.

Maximizing the Benefits for Any Business

Many tools and platforms exist these days which will assist you take information sets, manipulate them, and gift them in an orderly fashion for your team to judge and use.

Often, finding valuable info needs generating a straightforward report that gives you with an outline of your current impact, trends, or projections. Once you have got access to the tools and acumen to interpret the info, your company has everything it must begin gaining momentum and build a triple-crown digital transformation. Stay competitive within the marketplace in 2019 with a technique to include huge information into your business operations.

Enhancing the customer experience

The emotion of customers is significantly important for the success of any brand. Through big data analysis, businesses can know how customers feel and connect with them emotionally gaining their trust. Furthermore, businesses can improve the services and save the customers’ time by optimizing the processes. For example, Businesses can choose the closest warehouse to the vendor/customer to fulfil the order. It saves around 10% to 40% shipping cost and fulfils the order faster.

Conclusion :

With Big Data Analytics consulting and development, organizations can become more data focused; thereby achieving their strategic business goals in their digital transformation journey. It enables them to reduce downtime, predict upcoming technical issues and ultimately provide a more efficient service in all aspects of their business.