How Mobile apps are helpful in Automotive industry?

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Since we all know that the world is on the verge of leaving no industry as undigitized. It has left its mark everywhere and stepped into almost every single industry. When it comes to speaking specifically about Automobile, what all you understand with this term? The Automobile Industry is the industry dealing in supply of cars.

You must be wondering that how these automobile manufactures reach their targeted customers? So, let us take you to the world of mobile devices that enable the users to avail the third-party apps.

Even prior to digging yourself into the concept of mobile apps, you ought to know how Automation Industry or any other industry survived devoid of the coming of the mobile apps. Since the idea of websites is very common nowadays, so the plan got implemented and the customers who believe in saving their energy, time and money, the only way out for them is to explore online websites and retrieve as many details as they can. Life of customers and the sellers have turned way easier since both the entities are benefited through the concept of online exposure of website and ready to be showcased after the contribution of a swarm of people working in unison for one desired goal.

The concept of building a website is applicable and deployed to the fullest by almost every single industry in order to rise above their competitors or surpass the level which other has.

The onset of Mobile Apps: Something out of the box

Mobile apps are in vogue and undoubtedly employed the most by the users in today’s world. Every business has a common thought of establishing an app for promoting their products and services and reaching out to a plethora of highly addictive app users. Even how better the apps are from yours, still, the idea of putting an app on the play store works for every industry merely with the help of tons of IT developers and marketing team to disperse the news leaving no single social platform behind.

What all major things should be kept in mind whilst planning to devise an app?

A clear idea with a unique concept in mind that surely help in achieving the desired outputs. Any kind of confusion and spontaneousness in making the decisions can defile the whole plan of forming an app.

Automobile taxi Supporting Apps:

Apps like Shuttl, Uber, Ola and Zoomcar act as a pillar for the automation industry. It helps the industry to grow and sustain its presence in this competitive world. These apps enable the users to track its device, check the details of the driver as well as the details mentioned on the yellow number plate. Apps like these are often used by the people who like leaving their personal transports at home and reaching safely to their destinations with the stipulated time keeping the road conditions in mind and the obstacles coming in the way. When it comes to describing apps individually, Shuttl is an office based transportation app that is familiar among few users in comparison to apps like Uber & Ola. Zoomcar is a Bangalore based app which introduced the concept of self-driving keeping the main motive of privacy in mind.

Other driving apps that make your journey hassle free while driving:

Apps namely:

Google Assistant acts as a responsive tool and invariable at your service. An app named “Find my Parked Car” that helps the driver to find the exact spot right away devoid of wasting any time. All you need to do is just mark the location where parked and navigate back to the location. GasBuddy is an app that rescues the driver when running out of fuel. It gives you a list of the petrol pumps that are nearby with the prices that vary person to person’s pocket. All in all, there is no end to such amazing developments.

As per the popularized IT techno freaks, the approach of formulating an app for any industry’s products or services are highly considered prior to giving a thought to any other thing. As of now, app development is the primary thing keeping other things as secondary.

Let’s take you to the Automotive Companies which have their own apps:

We would like to tell you about one of the largest manufacturing company namely Maruti Suzuki that has gained fame in large amounts by the users. So, the company came up with an innovative plan just as to keep the customers away from the troubles. They released an app so as to keep their client’s daily issues at bay. You can now have an access to the app merely from the play store and experience the ultimate features.

Following are the features:

  • Vehicle Tracking: this function lets you keep a track of your car-location in real time.
  • Tow-away alert: you get an alert once your car starts getting towed with an off ignition from your parked location.
  • Fuel alert: it keeps you informed about the automobile’s consumption for single or multi trips.
  • Car seat alert
  • Analyse driving behaviour: the driver will be scored out of 100 based on several parameters like acceleration, deceleration, speed, amount of brakes, etc.
  • Trip Consolidation: where you get the overview of your driving from start to the end of your trip.
  • Overspeeding alert: a notification will be sent on your device as a warning asking you to decelerate when crossed the threshold set by you.


All in all, the driver will be able to enhance its driving skills and keep shielding from the situations that are problematic. Enjoy the pleasure of driving with safety measures coming with the Maruti Suzuki or any other app. Every app has its own speciality and serve its purpose with great elegance.

So keep exploring and share your experiences with your networks.

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